btnPrev The previous button. Artwork path is in jMyCarousel.css. Can be set outside of the carousel by giving its jquery reference, $('#layerId') for example.
btnNextnext button. Can be set as above
mouseWheelmouseWheel activation or not. true or false.
autowhether the carousel start scrolling automatically (manual mode deactivated, no arrows). true or false.
speedspeed of the animation. value in ms.
easingcustom animation effect, 'linear' as default. Param is relative to the jquery framework.
verticalwhether the carousel is displayed horizontally or vertically. true or false.
circularwhether the animation must scroll in a cicular way, without stopping. true or false.
visiblesize of the carousel.
startwhat position in pixels the carousel will start at. value in pixels.
stepthe step size of each animation. value in pixels.
eltByEltshall the carousel move element by element, or in a linear way ? true or false.
evtStartevent customization : start event. 'mouseover', 'click', etc..
evtStopevent customization : stop event. 'mouseout', 'mouseup', etc...