take it as a given that diversity, in all things, is enriching, important and invaluable to the world at large, and even more so within the academic community, where the effects of positive modeling can be spread into the community at large.

    Towards the goal of supporting diversity, on a practical basis:
  • I make it a part of my professional practice to know my institution‘s student services for help in improving their ability to thrive in an academic environment. On an as-needed individual basis, I recommend services to my students that might be of assistance in addressing whatever issues may get in the way of their success.
  • I openly promote freedom of creative expression and self-exploration in assignments.
  • Many art and design students have a predisposition towards learning styles that are visually oriented. This is often in conflict with the requirements of digital media, where programming skills are needed. I pride myself on finding ways to tailor programming instruction to be successful with the visual learning style.
  • Critiques are an excellent place to promote diversity, and find ways to create a dialog that provides emotional security yet exposes students to points of view and aesthetics other than their own. My graduate training at UCSC was specifically targeted towards success in this approach.
  • One of the great things about the visual arts is it can be independent from specific language. Comfort with English is not a requirement for self-expression. Neither is it for code-writing-programming languages like ActionScript, while using some English words, are based on international standards.

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