lthough my primary focus is now as an educator and artist, I have an extensive background as a multimedia designer and art director. In this capacity, spanning over twenty five years, I was actively involved in the creative process of design at the service of others. I took the needs of the client, both explicit and implied, and used them to create a new object, whether it was a CD ROM, web-site or interactive animation.

As a result of these efforts I spent many years at the leading edge of the multimedia industry, and it was for this reason I was brought on board with Macromedia (purchased in 2005 by Adobe), then the most important company in the world of multimedia and the originator of both Director and Flash, to work with them in creating multimedia to demonstrate the newest capabilities of Director and Flash, and as a liaison to the Director designer community.

Design for Multimedia requires a combination of skills in print, motion, and user interaction design. I have designed more than a hundred multimedia projects, starting with early 4 bit graphics on 320 by 240 pixel screens delivered on floppies in the early 1980‘s up to the present day‘s millions of colors on hi-resolution displays delivered by broadband. I have always enjoyed the challenges of creating compelling content that both exploits the technology it is built on, yet, understands its limitations.

Critiquing Skills


 have put into professional practice the discipline of engaging in critical dialog for both my own work and the work of others for more than 20 years. As a part of being successful in my field I honed the skill of articulating the meaning and intent of my work to my clients. I make a point of being aware of my own creative process so I can intelligently discuss it.

I have also gained a thick skin. I used my listening skills mindfully in evaluating the client‘s input, both positive and negative, but clients aren‘t always willing to engage in meaningful dialog, and in response I strive to be centered and calm, and to draw out responses that are useful and move the discussion to its ultimate goal — to make a better project.

Multimedia Design


 earned my living as a professional designer starting in the late 70’s and as an art director in the late 80’s. Starting in 1984 while at Accent Software I developed a strong set of skills in designing and creating interactive media. For Accent and SoftAd I developed a new form of advertising with floppy-disc based demos for business to business and consumer mar­keting. In the early 90’s I created award winning CD ROM titles as a freelance art director on Zelos Digital Leaning’s Team SAT CD ROM and Interscope Record’s Primus: Tales from the Punchbowl Enhanced-CD. I also brought my multimedia design skills to Macromedia’s Instructional Media Group and Creative Services Group, where we created ex­em­pla­ry content for Director, Dreamweaver and Flash.

    Types of multimedia design I have created include:
  • Interactive kiosk design for National Car Rental and Videodetics
  • CD ROM edutainment titles for Zelos Digital Learning
  • CD ROM and Enhanced CD ROM entertainment titles with Ion Interactive for Primus, Todd Rundgren and Ray Zone
  • Product demonstrations for Apple, BMW, Compaq, DEC, IBM, and HP, to name a few
  • Traveling seminar presentations at Oracle and Sybase for complex, long-lead sales generation
  • Executive presentations for Oracle, Macromedia and Sybase
  • Shockwave and Flash Web multimedia for Sybase, and Macromedia
  • Software tutorial “Show Me” movies for HTML help systems for Macromedia Flash, Director and Dreamweaver

Multimedia Production


reat multimedia requires understanding the capabilities of the tools that create it. I have a strong thirst for knowledge and proficiency with these expressive devices. I am an expert with Adobe Flash, Director, Photoshop and Illustrator, with HTML, CSS, ActionScript, JavaScript and Lingo. I can work my way around most other animation, graphics and HTML tools. I‘m currently honing my skills in server-side scripting.

Project Management


art of being a effective art director is the ability to see a job through from start to finish, and maintain the project’s goals, deadlines and quality.

    Some of the multimedia projects I have project managed include:
  • Macromedia Director Show Me Movies
  • A six month project with forty movies, two full-time staff and three contract staff. This project had a very difficult deadline and was done with software in less-than-stable beta versions.
  • Macromind Product Examples and Demos
  • Projects included The 3D Cafe, Director 3.0 examples, MediaMaker examples and Action! 1.0 templates. This was a similar situation to the above Show Me movies. Developed with two full time staff multiple contract staff.
  • Accent Software Product Demos
  • I managed more than fifty projects with four full time staff.

Personnel Management


ne of the most important parts of any project is to know how to find and guide the right people to get the job done. I have had the pleasure of building up three multimedia de­part­ments, a team of three at Sybase and two teams of up to 6 members at Macromedia.

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