Multimedia Design

fter leaving MacroMind in 1991 as their Multimedia Art Director, I returned again when they needed someone to head up their Instructional Media Development Group’s interactive media design and production. This was a challenging position since it meant working with software before it was ready to release. I headed a team of up to four people, and we developed dozens of movies that went into the help system that shipped with Director versions 7, 8 and 8.5. The movies were design to be both a demonstration of a particular feature and examples of best practices in creating Director files.

This incorporation of Director movies into a help system is one of the first help systems to include interactive animated media.

SAD ANNOUNCEMENT: The version of Shockwave on this machine ( ) probably won't play my movies or will play them very badly (as in s-l-o-w-l-y). Somewhere around version 11 they stopped working. And there's no way I'm paying $1000 to update them (when I can't even be sure they will load into the new authoring tool). Sorry...

Frame by Frame

Keyframe Animation on a Curve

Using frameReady Lingo

Sprite Rotation

Sprite Skewing

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