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Reliquaries from the Musée Cluny

Cluny Reliquaries 01Cluny Reliquaries 02Cluny Reliquaries 03Cluny Reliquaries 04Cluny Reliquaries 05Cluny Reliquaries 06Cluny Reliquaries 07Cluny Reliquaries 08Cluny Reliquaries 09Cluny Reliquaries 10Cluny Reliquaries 11Cluny Reliquaries 12Cluny Reliquaries 13Cluny Reliquaries 14Cluny Reliquaries 15Cluny Reliquaries 16Cluny Reliquaries 17Cluny Reliquaries 18Cluny Reliquaries 19Cluny Reliquaries 20Cluny Reliquaries 21Cluny Reliquaries 22

Le Chat Noir: Special exhibition at Musée Orsay on the infamous night club

Le Chat Noir 00Le Chat Noir 01Le Chat Noir 02Le Chat Noir 03Le Chat Noir 04Le Chat Noir 05Le Chat Noir 06Le Chat Noir 07Le Chat Noir 08

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris's new museum of "Interacting Cultures" (La Où Dialoguent les Cultures)

Musee Branly 01Musee Branly 02Musee Branly 03Musee Branly 04Musee Branly 05Musee Branly 06Musee Branly 07Musee Branly 08Musee Branly 09Musee Branly 10Musee Branly 11Musee Branly 12Musee Branly 13Musee Branly 14Musee Branly 15Musee Branly 16Musee Branly 17Musee Branly 18Musee Branly 19Musee Branly 20

Musée National du Moyen Age (Museum of the Middle Ages, aka The Cluny)

Musee Cluny 01Musee Cluny 02Musee Cluny 03Musee Cluny 04Musee Cluny 05Musee Cluny 06Musee Cluny 07Musee Cluny 08Musee Cluny 09Musee Cluny 10Musee Cluny 11Musee Cluny 12Musee Cluny 13Musee Cluny 14Musee Cluny 15Musee Cluny 16Musee Cluny 17Musee Cluny 18Musee Cluny 19Musee Cluny 20Musee Cluny 21Musee Cluny 22Musee Cluny 23Musee Cluny 24Musee Cluny 25Musee Cluny 26Musee Cluny 27Musee Cluny 28Musee Cluny 29Musee Cluny 30Musee Cluny 31Musee Cluny 32Musee Cluny 33Musee Cluny 34Musee Cluny 35Musee Cluny 36Musee Cluny 37Musee Cluny 38Musee Cluny 39Musee Cluny 40Musee Cluny 41Musee Cluny 42Musee Cluny 43Musee Cluny 44Musee Cluny 45Musee Cluny 46Musee Cluny 47Musee Cluny 48Musee Cluny 49Musee Cluny 50

Musée Louvre

Musee Louvre 01Musee Louvre 02Musee Louvre 03Musee Louvre 04Musee Louvre 05Musee Louvre 06Musee Louvre 07Musee Louvre 08Musee Louvre 09Musee Louvre 10Musee Louvre 11Musee Louvre 12Musee Louvre 13Musee Louvre 14Musee Louvre 15Musee Louvre 16Musee Louvre 17Musee Louvre 18Musee Louvre 19Musee Louvre 20Musee Louvre 21Musee Louvre 22Musee Louvre 23Musee Louvre 24Musee Louvre 25Musee Louvre 26Musee Louvre 27Musee Louvre 28Musee Louvre 29Musee Louvre 30Musee Louvre 31Musee Louvre 32Musee Louvre 33Musee Louvre 34Musee Louvre 35Musee Louvre 36Musee Louvre 37Musee Louvre 38

Musée d'Orsay

Musee Orsay 01Musee Orsay 02Musee Orsay 03Musee Orsay 04Musee Orsay 05Musee Orsay 06Musee Orsay 07Musee Orsay 08Musee Orsay 09Musee Orsay 10Musee Orsay 11Musee Orsay 12Musee Orsay 13Musee Orsay 14Musee Orsay 15Musee Orsay 16Musee Orsay 17Musee Orsay 18Musee Orsay 19Musee Orsay 20Musee Orsay 21Musee Orsay 22Musee Orsay 23Musee Orsay 24Musee Orsay 25Musee Orsay 26Musee Orsay 27Musee Orsay 28Musee Orsay 29Musee Orsay 30Musee Orsay 31Musee Orsay 32Musee Orsay 33Musee Orsay 34Musee Orsay 35Musee Orsay 36Musee Orsay 37Musee Orsay 38Musee Orsay 39Musee Orsay 40Musee Orsay 41