Obscured Square: Bitter Road

Obscured Square: Bitter Road

Layers of wire, vinyl, and enamel define a square space.

elcome to my website!!

My name is James Khazar, and I am an educator and artist practicing in the field of digital media. The site serves several functions: As a portfolio site for my art prac­tice, as a curriculum vitae site for prospective employers in academic job mar­ket, as a presentation site for the classes I am teaching, as a port­fo­lio/resumé site for the com­mer­cial work I have done as a multimedia designer, and last but not least, as a place to put things up on the web that friends might like to see.

This site is also an experiment for testing out some of the web technologies that I teach. For example, it uses CSS to determine all of its look and feel, and uses PHP to dynamically create the pages that you see, and JavaScript and jQuery to control certain aspects, like the little window that pops up when you roll over one of these:


Dark Angels Current Explorations

Updates to my ongoing art project, Dark Angels, a exploration into the less traditional aspects of western art's depiction of angels.

Vacation Photo Update

I took way to many photos while we were on our trip to Rome this summer! I've posted them here, enjoy!

Twitter Updates

I used to embed my tweets on this page, but since Twitter has forced users to use their branding and layout, I won't embed them anymore. It's a shame, really, because I like Twitter, click here if you want to go to my twitter.com/khazar or twitter­.com/­khazar­_course tweets.

Wine Labels

My wife Camille and I just purchased a pair of quarter orphan barrels of wine from Domenico's Winery in San Carlos. What that means is we have wine that we will bottle ourselves at the winery later this year and next year from barrels of wine created by members of the winery's wine-making club, Bacchus. One is a 2014 Amador County Aglianico and the other is a 2014 Amador County Primitivo.

Each year the club works with the winemaster, Dominick Chirichillo, to press, barrel, blend, and bottle fantastic wines from grapes grown around Northern California. Some of the wine which has been pressed and barreled, is left over - or "orphaned" - and the winery has a tasting out of the barrels for the general public. You can buy a barrel to bottle yourself at the winery, or, if you're lucky, you can find others to go in on a barrel and split it.

We were lucky enough to find two barrels we really loved and some partners to get a quarter of each. In return for the favor of doing a split, I'm going to design their wine labels. Below are some of the labels I've designed for our and our partner's wines along with some others.

Posted: Saturday, March 21st, 2015, 9:06 pm

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